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Supercharge Performance
With US-Made PBO-8

Prentox® PBO-8® piperonyl butoxide is the ideal choice for use in virtually any application where performance enhancement, resistance management – or both – is important. A synergist for many classes of insecticides, PBO-8 works by blocking production of mixed-function oxidase enzymes, which insects use to metabolize the active ingredients in many insecticides. By blocking the action of these enzymes, PBO-8 improves the efficacy of the insecticide, allowing lower use rates. PBO-8 can also be used to restore efficacy of insecticides in certain insect populations where resistance has developed.

PBO-8 is the only piperonyl butoxide manufactured in the USA, at the Envincio facility in South Carolina. When your pest control needs call for the supercharged power of PBO, count on US-made PBO-8 to deliver enhanced performance with lower insecticide use rates.

Key Performance Benefits

The only piperonyl butoxide made in the US
Synergizes many insecticides, including pyrethroids, imidacloprid, carbamates, rotenone, and others
Allows use of reduced rates of insecticides
Works with most misting, fogging or spray equipment types to suit diverse site/pest needs
Favorable toxicological profile – poses low risk to humans, environment
Excellent resistance management tool


  • 10 x 1 qt Squeeze & Measure
  • 4 x 1 gal Jug