95 Years Old and Never Looking Better

Prentiss is now Envincio


Today’s answers, tomorrow’s solutions —
from Professional Pest Management to Farm Hygiene.

Envincio is unique in the industry that we provide fully-integrated development, manufacturing, registration and marketing of products across the spectrum from full synthetic to low-synthetic to fully exempt organics. That means we have both the product portfolio and the expertise to support pest control professionals in making fully-informed choices about the solutions they deploy.

We believe an informed choice approach — one that takes into account the site, the pest infestation, the personal needs and preferences of the consumer, as well as any other extenuating factors — is simply a better way to do business. It is a formula for optimum effectiveness and minimal adverse impact, and we have structured our product offering to support this philosophy.

Our emphasis on providing informed choice extends to all the markets we serve. Whether it’s a professional or household general pest control, janitorial-sanitation need, farm hygiene or animal health or vector control, our commitment to recognizing and meeting ever-changing customer needs is key to our success.